Yay!! I wore my Braids correctly...

March 28, 2012

What do I mean by the Title? is there a way of `wearing braids` correctly?

Well if one is in  a Healthy Hair Journey then any 'protective style has to be worn correctly.Most women use Braids and weaves to escape taking care of there hairs or actually to evade a hair issue that needs to be sorted out. eg Breakage

Prior to this I hadn't braided my hair for almost a year and to be Honest i was scared of the thought of having a set back in my Healthy hair Journey by not being able to take care of my hair as I should.I however went on and had medium/large size braids done.....I knew I had to get into this with a regimen that was really gonna work otherwise I would be risking some good progress..I came up with a regimen and adhered to it religiously until i took off the braids...

So I removed my braids after almost four weeks…3 weeks 4days to be precise..(never keep them in too long)
My Immediate remark was that: ‘This was a great success’.
I went to the Salon to get help removing the braids and the ladies went on and on about how clean ,healthy and moisturised my hair was *Blushes*.After they removed the braids I gently finger combed my hair focusing on separating strands carefully wherever there were build-ups (which were very few) at the bottom of the strands. NB…Build-ups will break off your hair if you do not pay attention separating strands bound together by them.
Anyways, After finger combing, that’s when I combed my hair from ends to roots using my wide-tooth comb and then proceeded to wash…I had decided that’s how much help I needed from the Salon cause I had missed giving my tresses some TLC…so deep Conditioning , both Protein and Moisture were done at home the following morning!
My hair felt amazingly soft yet strong….


The amount of hair I ‘seemed’ to have lost was so much…check out pic but then again..if I was to do a little maths and multiply 80-100 strands shed a day by 25 days….that is a lot of hair. So quite a big ball of hair should be expected after all the combing, washing and detangling!

Many Thanks to all the ladies on www.growafricanhairlong.ning.com who offer lots of their routines, failures etc on our special group for ladies wearing extensions for protective styling! 
Below is the one thing that made this work!!!- My Self made Braids Spray

You can choose to make your own or buy a 'good' one that will work..
 Ingredients + tools:
  1. Pure/99% Aloe vera Juice - 50% (more is water is not used)
  2. Glycerine - 20%( can be very sticky if you use too much)
  3. water (optional) - 20%
  4. Leave in Conditioner( I used Africa's best Tea tree pictured and reviewed somewhere within the blog-its a rinse and leave in too) - 1 -2 Teaspoons
  5. An Oil (in my case Grape seed oil) - 5-10%
  6. Spray Bottle
 Please always make sure when using Aloe vera juice it is mixed with an oil as it can be very drying on its own!
So what I would do was to make just a little spray at a time to last me say 3 days and make some more once that was finished.I felt that having the leave-in that doubled as rinse out conditioner eliminated the worry of having to Deep Condition my hair weekly.I do not have like proper measurements of the Quantities I was mixing up.I basically just used my own discretion to make something that worked...the percentages next to the Ingredients above try to estimate the portions used.
I spritzed my braids every two days paying close attention to where my ends were....I washed the braids , towel blotted and air-dried after the first 2 weeks..

Do you have a braids regimen that works?Please share yours in the comment boxes below..
xoxoxo Eva

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