Africa's Best No-Lye Relaxer System SALE at Tuskys

March 02, 2012

Hello Lovely African Queens,

I  visited Nairobi Town Central Business District earlier this week and happened to walk into the TUSKYS SUPERMARKET right next to Commercial Matatu stage .I saw this massive sale they have for the above named Relaxers and I just had to share with all you guys that adore your hair...The relaxers are on sale you buy 1 get 1 free...for less than Ksh500!!!The items are already taped together  in two's and placed either on your way to the 1st floor or ground floor..I can't remember where exactly lol!

For me this is too good a deal to let go since I am stretching my relaxer and will definitely need two packs when I'll be retouching.

I am not in an way promoting the purchase of this products..i just thought a few of you would jump at the SALE as I did!

What the Box claims to do:
  • Deep penetrating conditioners nourish hair
  • African botanical oils and herbal extracts
  • All natural conditioners
Africa's Best No-Lye Relaxer System is gentle on hair and enriches, caresses and nourishes with an exclusive blend of conditioners, oils and extracts as it straightens. All natural conditioners help you experience a higher level of moisturizing and conditioning. Enriched with ultra conditioning African botanical oils and herbal extracts. Uses organic conditioning to rebuild, repair and restore hair to a healthier state.

I researched a bit about what ladies who have already used the product had to say about it and I found a number of reviews....

Customer Reviews....

1. Professional system

Used this for the first time. It works quick on virgin hair. I call it professional, because I had to be fast, it said 10 min. for app, but I say 5 and get it out fast, that's the way pros work. And it doesn't burn, but maybe they should get mild for my type of hair, My hair is very fine and thick. I like it, my hair looks fab, only thing, I will not apply to my baby hair, but it will grow back quick, I hope that they do not take it off of the shelf, I see it is on sale."

Reviewed by:  Jsw1 from Queensland. on 12/29/2011
2. Best relaxer for colour treated hair

"I have been using this product for awhile and I found it to be very very good on my Blonde colored hair. Blonde hair is very fragile and dries out really bad in sunny weather,but this conditioning perm really conditioned and help my hair alot. Try it once you will be hooked."

Reviewed by:  Queen T from Perth. on 6/18/2011
3. Great product for damaged hair

My hair is very damaged and when i used other products they just wouldn't get my hair completely relaxed and straight. I have this patch in the middle of my head to where no relaxer could straighten it and after using this product it got straight. After using this my hair acquired a shine and was very pleased to have my whole head relaxed and straight. I just love it." 
Reviewed by:  moniferris from Sydney. on 4/11/2011

Please understand that these are individual experiences and that your may be different. It is always advisable to perform a hair strand test before relaxing your entire head to just make sure the relaxer works well with your hair.Please use relaxers with caution preferably let it be down by a professional. I am looking forward to trying  it out so I can give a personal review as well!

TIP: 1. No-lye relaxers tend to seem very mild (hardly tingles or burns as lye relaxers do) hence you might be tempted to keep it in your hair  longer than required.Please make sure you know the instructions on the box and your stylist sticks to them lest you end up with lifeless fried hair!
2. Doing an Acid Cider vinegar rinse soon after the re-touch ()even though not immediately) will get rid of the calcium  residue often associated with this kind of relaxer than might  cause breakage and dryness.
3. Make sure you pick the correct relaxer strength for you hair type...choices being: mild,normal and super....
4. Check out 'how to prepare hair for a relaxer ' on or click on relevant label under this post!

Till next post HHJ

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