The wonderplant Neem( muarubaini)

March 25, 2012

Good products must not be expensive, Neem is a wonder plant that grows in some parts of Asia, Africa & Australia and has lots of benefits not only for our health but can also be used on our hair and scalp to keep it healthy.
Neem soap and oil are great for:
  • dandruff
  • scalp irritations
  • acne
  • head lice.
they can also be used to keep the skin´s elasticity and health.

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  1. Good post, Maybe you could also do a blog post on the Moringa tree as well. There was a segment on it the other day on NTV and it is apparently grown in Ukambani and the coastal areas. The woman interviewed makes Moringa products and sells them in Nairobi.

  2. I'm the type of person who only thought about running to the salon for Braids, Conrows... I stopped. It took long, but i finally did it. If i have to Braid or plait my hair...i leave it for 3 weeks only then i unplait it. Now to my question, where do i find Neem products in Germany?