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March 01, 2012

Kavuli of Goodhairdiaries shared her natural hair journey & hair regimen with us sometime back, but since some people can´t access our website Gahl i decided to share it here so you don´t miss out on this good stuff. You can get more details on Kavuli´s blog or her  facebook page.
  1. Are you relaxed or Natural?
I’m all natural.

  1. What is your hair type? Describe your curl pattern
I have tight curly 3c/4a hair that is in love with moisture and coconut oil.

  1. What was your starting length and what is your current one?
My starting length was a tiny bit past SL (Shoulder Length) in the beginning of my healthy hair journey. I managed to grow my hair to BSL (Bra Strap Length) this past May 2011.

  1. Describe the status of your hair before you started your Healthy Hair Journey…
Before my HHJ I suffered from breakage and scalp irritations. My hair never made it too far past SL. I would wear my sew in weaves and forget about what was going on underneath. 
  1. What inspired you to start a HHJ and when was it?
I stopped relaxing my hair back in the year 2000 when the music I was listening to began to influence my mind. Music artists like Mos Def, Common, Dead Prez   & Pharoah Monch sang about a black woman’s natural hair and it made me want to drop the 'Creamy Crack' (relaxers) and run for the hills. I grew my relaxer out allowing my natural curl pattern to come through. It was    beautiful! I haven't looked back since. My actual HHJ started in September of 2009 when I began to focus on length & thickness.

  1. How easy was getting into a regimen, knowing the right products etc?

Getting started with a regimen was pretty easy for me in the beginning. I was an avid reader of some of the classic hair boards in the beginning of my journey. I knew that I needed to start with deep conditioning my hair on a regular basis to combat breakage and heat damage. I didn’t focus too much on having the right products.

  1. Is this ‘regimen thing’ complicated?
This ‘regimen thing’ is only as complicated as you make it. If you’re  a PJ (product junkie), everything is complicated! You need one shampoo, two conditioners, a moisturizer and a natural oil. That is it!

  1. How soon into your HHJ did you start seeing results?
I began to see results within 1 month of consistent deep conditioning and minimal manipulation.

  1. How long has it taken you to reach your current length?
It took me a year and half to grow this length
  1. Do you think what you achieved would be possible without learning the Proper techniques necessary to grow African hair long?

Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to African hair. There is no way that my hair would be at BSL or this healthy had I not learned a proper way to care for my hair.

  1. Do you believe anyone who adapts the correct techniques can grow fabulous hair or is there such a thing as bad hair?

I believe with all my heart that good hair habits can be adapted. Anyone and everyone can have a healthy head of hair unless they are suffering from a particular illness. Healthy hair is GOOD HAIR.

  1. How many people have been inspired by the length you have gained and decided to start a HHJ?

I can’t honestly say that I know a certain number of women that I inspire. I can say that plenty of women visit my blog, Good Hair Diaries and the Facebook page on a daily basis. My inbox is always filled with questions about products and hair techniques, and I have to assume that these are the people that want healthy beautiful hair.

  1. What is the most heart-felt advice you would give to other African ladies thinking about but not so sure about starting a HHJ?
My sisters, it is time that we focus on the complete and total health of the African woman, and that includes our crown of glory. It doesn’t need to be complicated or cost you a lot of money. You don’t have to grow your hair to your ankles, and you don’t need to listen to the world that tells us that ‘our hair isn’t good enough’. You can have the hair of your dreams without looking like Beyonce. ( I love Beyonce by the way. You know what I’m trying to say J )

  1. What would you advice a Newbie NOT to do?
DON’T follow my regimen in detail. What works for my hair may not be the best for yours. Learn all that you can about your OWN hair.

DON’T lose focus. Keep your eye on your goal and all that it takes to achieve it. You will blow your own mind.

  1. So are you hoping to grow your hair to ankle length? what are your short term and long term goals?
I certainly don’t aspire to grow my hair to my ankles, although it would be interesting to see if I could achieve such length. My short term goal(s) is to get my hair as thick as physically possible and grow it to MBL (Mid Back Length). My long term goal is WL (Waist Length) and as healthy as possible.

Thanks for sharing Kavuli!makes me wanna go Natural!!!

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