What am i doing to my hair?

March 07, 2012

What we do to our hair can really determine what our hair looks like at the end. What are you doing to yours?
  • Heat
Too much direct heat on your hair causes your hair cuticles to open up too much causing your hair to look rugged and chewed up( healthy undamaged hair has tightly closed cuticles and has sheen). therefore heat should be used with caution. opt for roller sets under a hooded drier, or heatless styles after air drying. sources of direct heat are e.g blow driers, flat irons, curling irons, hot combs, e.tc

  • Rubber bands
Using rubber bands on your hair can be very damaging. some people who use rubberbands on their ponytails have noticed ceasing growth because the bands pull out hair from their scalp. if you have to use a rubber band for your hair then make sure it is loose. this also applies to pins and clips. also avoid using it on the same part all the time to avoid localised breakage.Furthemore hair bands are really difficult to remove from the hair. they only cause more breakage in the process of removing them.

  • small toothed comb
These combs are not meant for african hair especially if you have type 4 hair. they will only rip your hair out. wide toothed combs are a must if you want to grow your hair longer.

  • scrunchies with metal part
hair always get´s caught in the metal part it is better to use those without metal parts.
you should also avoid cotton scrunchies since they only absorb moisture from your hair and cause breakage.opt for satin and silk like scrunchies.

Note: all hair accesories can be damaging if put on the hair too tight so be sure to use them correctly and not too tight.
  • Bobby pins
it is also very important to get those with rounded ends. if these ends get damaged get rid of the pin.
these pins can be used to achieve and to secure many hair hairstyles such as pin curls, bantu knots, can be used in place of banana clips, mo hawks, buns e.t.c

  • Towels
Always use a soft towel to blot your hair. if you don´t have one try an old Tshirt. i think i have mentioned this in many other blogs but since it is very important to achieving healthy hair i will repeat it again. Your hair is very fragile and rubbing it briskly will only lead to breakage. just tie your soft towel or Tshirt arround your head and let it blot you don´t need to RUB! the same applies to washing Never rub and scrub your hair in all directions. wash in one direction.

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