My two year healthy hair anniversary

March 05, 2012

It has been two years since i started my healthy hair journey. And i have to say my hair has never been as long or as healthy as it is now in my entire life and i never even thought it would ever grow this long.

Like most african women i believed that african hair could not grow beyond shoulder length. And if it did grow longer then one had to be mixed or from some parts of East africa like Ethiopia or African american.

But thank God for the internet which gave me the opportunity to find hair care forums for women with african hair. I learnt that black women from all over the world with afro textured hair had the same challenges with their hair and  Many of them managed to grow their hair long just by taking better care for it and it worked. I decided to do the same and i have to say that  taking better care of my hair has made all the difference.

Here are a few tips that have really made a difference in the overall health of my hair.
  1. Washing and deep conditioning weekly
  2. Use sulfate free shampoos
  3. Using only a wide toothed comb ( I never use a small toothed comb on my hair not even after blow drying or flat ironing)
  4. Use heat only once or twice in three months ( blow dry/ Flat iron)
  5. Moiturise and seal hair daily or if need be.
  6. Cover hair with a satin scarf at night
  7. Use protective styles. I bun 90% of the time.
  8. Avoid mineral oil based products.
  9. Air dry 90% of the time after washes.
  10. If you relax then stretch the relaxers at least every three months and do not relax already relaxed hair!!!
  11.  Be patient growing hair takes time.
  12. Get to know your own hair because no one can care for it better than you! not even your hair stylist.
I really recommend starting a healthy hair care regimen to anyone who wants to have healthier  longer hair.

xoxo Joanne.

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  1. love your hair Joanne!

  2. hi Joanne. i really love your hair. Quick question though you said you bun your hair 90% of the time. what is that exactly? i have relaxed hair that keeps on growing and then cutting i think mainly is because i keep it open (without braiding)for about four months coz i am in school so getting time to braid is not their and sometimes even the money :-(. i wash my hair but im afraid to air dry it coz i dunno wat it will look like afterwards. i dont like blow drying but that is what i do so when i air dry relaxed hair will it not look weird? and also what is deep conditioning? too many questions sorry but i also want to have healthy long hair

  3. Hi Anonymous, a bun is simply coiling the hair around itself and then applying pins or hairbands. the main purpose is to keep the ends of your hair protected. so any hair styles you choose where the ends of your hair are out of sight is great. However these styles should never be done too tight. The secret to getting longer hair is to preserve the ends of your hair. Your hair will only get longer if these don´t break off.

    You can still get healthy hair even if you don´t get your hair braided, what you need to do is to make sure that you deep condition your relaxed hair weekly(but since you are in school and this may not be very practical you can start by doing it every 2 weeks) deep conditioning is simply applying a treatment to your hair and leaving it on for 10-15 minutes then rinsing it out. However you do need a good deep conditioner.

    Give air drying a chance your hair won´t look wierd at all. If anything air drying is the safest way to dry your hair. i will be doing an article on how i do it and i´m hoping it will be helpful to you.

    Should you have any more questions go ahead and ask.