Inspiration corner with Lyli

March 20, 2012

I met Lyli on a hair Forum in 2010, she had just started her healthy hair journey. The first thing i noticed was how damaged her hair was and i decided to keep track of her hair journey and i thank God i did. This young lady was so loyal to her hair journey and she documented every little progress she made and she did make amazing progress. Her hair story just shows how much patience and diligence is worth when it comes to having a successful hair journey. Lyli who once was ashamed to even show her face on pictures of her hair is now confident and can flaunt the healthy beautiful hair she has been working hard on. Lyli comes from Cameroon and is a student in Germany to view her Gahl profile please click here

  • Are you relaxed or natural?
I am relaxed, actually accidentally texlaxed.

  • How would you describe your hair type?
The front of my front of my head has very coarse hair 4CX( sauer while the back is 4b which i totally love!:x verliebt

  • How long was your hair before starting a hair journey?
I began my HJ with barely neck length hair, now i am Full Shoulder length yess!!!;) zwinkern

  • How would you describe your hair before your hair journey?
Before my HJ my hair was breaking, dry,thin, OVERPROCESSED, i literally had NO HAIRLINE, my edges and nape were gone!

my nape and edges were gone!!! after starting my hair journey they started growing back slowly.

  • What made you start a healthy hair journey? Did anyone inspire you to start one?
A friend of mine noticed that i had almost no hair all arround my head and this is when i decided to do some research about hair care on the internet. I discovered a lot of black hair forums and of course you tube i really learnt a lot. This was in June 2010.

  • Was it easy finding the right products for your hair?
It was not easy for me to find the right products so i kept trying out lots of products in order to find out what worked for my hair. And i confess that i became a product junkie:"> errötend. But now after 1 year and 9 months, I can finally say that i got it!!! my perfect products.

  • How far into your hair journey did you start noticing a difference in the way your hair looked? How did you document your progress?

The results were almost immediate. After two weeks of pre pooing, shampooing and deep conditioning i experienced much less breakage. There wasn´t as much hair on my bathroom floor any more.

  • How long did it take you to go from a damaged neck length to a healthy shoulder length?

1 year and 9 months.

This is what my hair looks like today it is much much healthier and i have a hairline! the nape has fully grown back!

  • Do you think your hair would have been different without a healthy hair journey? 

    Without a Healthy hair journey i probably wouldn´t have any hair on my head right now. Being on a hair journey has certainly made all the difference.
  • Do you believe that there is such a thing as bad hair that just can´t grow?
No! I think all hair can grow. some hair grows slower, like mine & some hair grows quicker. but all hair grows.

  • Have you inspired anyone to start a hair journey?
hmmm i don´t know may be....

  • What advice would you give women out there wanting to start a healthy hair journey?
You have to be passionate about the hair journey and patient with the hair journey because growing healthy hair does take time. Don´t compare yourself with others because everybody is different.

Thanks to Lyli for sharing her hair journey with us and i hope this gives you hope not to give up on your hair. healthy hair looks great no matter what length it is. and healthy hair grows!

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  1. wow this is really an inspiration!

    1. I know Tina.Lyli Inspired us all!its amazing progress

    2. I know Tina.Lyli Inspired us all!its amazing progress

  2. this is what i call inspiration