Choosing a Protein based conditioner/ treatment

June 04, 2012

Are you at the beginning of your hair journey? Then you have probably wondered how you can tell if a product is moisture based or protein based. We already talked about how to choose Moisturising products, please Click here if you missed it.
A balance moisture & Protein in your hair strands is very important, a defeciency in either one usualy leads to breakage and therefore no or very little length retention.  I personally understood this after having a protein over load! This means that my hair had a lot more protein than it needed and as a result the hair became brittle and dry and this led to breakage.
Some people´s hair can take a lot of protein but for others too much protein could lead to breakage and therefore no length retention. A protein overload can be treated by simply keep off protein treatments for a few weeks and stepping up the use of moisturising deep conditioners and conditioners instead. As soon as the hair feels normal again protein treatments can be incorporated back into the hair care regimen. For examples of protein and Moisture conditioners/ Treatments Click here  

Ingredients to check for when getting a protein treatment. here is one example of a protein conditioner with it´s ingredients list.
  • soy protein
  • milk protein
  • animal protein
  • keratin
  • collagen
  • pathenol ( binds well with hair follicles leaving it smooth and is also a humectant i.e it draws moisture from the air into your hair)
  • silk amino acids
  • amino acids
  • liquid silk
  • cholesterol
  • wheat protein
  • hydrolized wheat protein
  • hydrolized milk protein
  • hydrolized silk 
Proteins found in most modern hair products have been hydrolized. which means that they have been broken down into amino acids, hydrolized proteins can easily penetrate the hair and strengthen it from the  inside. this effect can last upto 6 weeks. Non-hydrolized proteins have larger moleküles which cannot penetrate into the hairshaft but can coat the hair´s surface an egg is a good example of a non- hydrolized Protein.. products with hydrolized proteins shouldn´t be used too often because they are more aggressive. But then again if you have been using a protein treatment/ conditioner that works perfect for you you don´t need to change anything.

For ladies with natural hair protein treatments  must not be done so religiously since the hair has not lost it´s natural protein. unless one has suffered heat damage. As for hair that has undergone any form of chemical treatment including relaxing, Texlaxing or even colouring protein treatments should be done at least every 4 weeks to add the lost protein back into the hair.

In order to make sure your hair grows with enough protein of it´s own just eat protein rich foods.

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  1. great post. i did not know about hydrolyzed and unhydrolyzed proteins. very informative!

    1. I am glad it was Useful to you, Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

  2. I have natural hair and i do protein deep conditioning every week, i mix 2 egg yokes, mayonnaise, honey and olive oil. Could i be suffering from protein overload by doing this every week? My hair is very hard , esp in the morning when i wake up even though i religiously do a moisture spritz abt 4times a day and seal it!!Please help me

    1. Yes you are protein overloading your hair the protein treatment that you are using is to heavy try using a lighter protein treatment if you are going to se protein every month and always always always follow that up with moisture ~GG

    2. Yes girl u are defiantly overloading that hair if you use a deep protein treatment you defiantly do not need to add eggs and anyway you are not supposed to use a deep protein treatment every week remember protein is good for our hair but 2 much will make it hard, dry, brittle, and can cause it to break off! Also you need more than moisture sprits to moisturize the hair try using a protein free moisturizer or u could just make your own mixing 100% Shea butter with all natural aloe Vera gel. This compound will moisturize the hair and make it soft but you also need to seal it with any oil really. Also make sure that you balance the amount of protein you put in your hair with moisture. Too much or to less of one or the other can break the hair of so always be cautious on what you are putting in your hair read labels on the back of the ingredients that you buy more often too.

  3. Dear ladies, thank God for u!! I live in Germany four years and counting. Last week I relaxed my hair after multiple weaves with no breaks in between:'(. My hair is a hot mess, but have now made a decision to take care of it at home. It was my first time I ever heard of hair regimen, the term alone..shocking ey! But I am so excited to start this journey.

    I bought Mizani H2O night treatment, Mizani hair soufle..nt sure about the spelling, and Mizani Botanifying shampoo.
    I also bought coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil..all 100% organic.
    I am left with a week to week routine..plzzz help. Where do I start?

    My hair is thin, hairline almost gone, and dry on ends. I have faith plz advise.

    Plz send me an email if poss on
    I know..m puttin maself out there..right now itz no issue..I need the advice!!!

    I also bought Herbal Essences long relationship conditioner. Like I said, I have all these bt no routine from week to week.

    Keep it up ladies, I will keep u posted should my hair grow.

    Hope to hear from u soon;-)

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