Inspiration corner with Nancie Mwai

May 30, 2012

Today´s Inspiration is Nancie Mwai of Fashion Notebook. If you are a fashion lover be sure to check out her blog for fashion and fashion trends! Nancie also has a passion for hair and she was nice enough to share her hair story with us.

1. Are you relaxed or Natural?
I'm currently natural

2. How would you describe your curl pattern?
I have "4z" hair - seriously and I have a z-curl pattern

3. What was your starting length and what is your current one?
I started bald in July and now it is about 5 inches long when stretched out.

4. Are you on a hair journey? If yes what inspired you to start one?
Yes I am, I love different hairstyles and I want to achieve an afro, that is my goal. I cant say I was inspired. I just realised that I can have good hair without relaxing it.

5. How do you usualy wear your hair and why?
I wear braids most of the time. I once tried doing twist outs and it took me 4 hours, they looked good but consumed too much time hence thats why I'm always in braids since its a good protective style for my hair.

6. I have noticed that you wear braids a lot, is there any particular reason for that?
They are easy to mainatin and I still style them differently.

7. Do you have a hair routine? How easy was it getting into a regimen, knowing the right products e.t.c
I dont have a routine yet but I do have products that work for me. It took alot of research especially watching YouTube video. It helped alot. I'm yet to get into a routine.

8. How do you fit hair care into your busy lifestyle?
After I realised that it takes alot more time to take care of natural hair I decided to braid my hair till its a bit longer so I can easily do twist outs.

9. Have you always had natural hair? if no why did you decide to go natural?
I had dreadlocks once then I decided to cut them and I permed my hair then I went through a weave stage and I got natural hair during that time them I relaxed again, then I went bald. Most of the hair decisions I make I'm usually trying out something new. I didnt decide to go natural i went bald then after 3 months I decided to grow my hair and thats when I started being keen on natural hair.

10. How long has it taken you to reach your current length?
From June/July 2011 till now May 2012

11. Do you believe in such a thing as bad hair? do you believe that african/ black women have good hair?

There is no such thing as bad hair as long as you love what you have on then that's it. Oh yes we have good hair is harder that steel wool but I love it, I didnt when I was younger but then again I didnt know much about hair back then.

12. What have you learnt about healthy hair care that you would love to share with other women of colour?
Know your hair. Even after watching the numerous videos you still have to learn your hair and give it what it needs. I realised that my hair looks horrible in a wash and go but It looks awesome with twist outs.

13. What goals do you have for your hair?
Yes I want a huge afro...that's it

14. Do you do your own hair?
When it comes to natural hair process yes I do but braiding and weaving I go to the salon.

15. Do you have a hair idol? who and why?
Kimmay....her hair length gives me so much hope!

16. Did you always believe that you could grow a huge AFro? what changed your mind?
I never believed I could grow a huge Afro, I believed in the myth that African hair is not sexy and cannot grow actually I thought everyone with an afro was some sort of wig, talk of ignorance!!! I discovered a hair blog and I was like eeeeh is that her hair? No kidding! and the rest was history. I'm always on hair blogs looking for tips and different ways to style my hair. I don't believe in those myths any more and I'm happy with my new found knowledge on growing African hair. I'm in love with my hair more than ever and its surprising me.

I have managed to rock my natural hair for a week now (9 months natural). Still learning how to manage it but its a very good experience. My hair is softer than I thought actually. Very surprising!

17. Is there a product you can´t live without?
3 products I cant live without are
Organics Africa’s Best Shea Butter and Tea Tree Moisturiser
Shea Butter
Olive Oil

Check out Nancie´s hair journey too. I love the Edgy & daring hairstyles she has rocked then and now!

Thanks for sharing Nancie!

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  1. Thank you for the interview :)

  2. Wow i love her style! and her hair is lovely!