What is Terminal Hair Length?

May 16, 2012

Before i knew anything about hair care i thought that shoulder length was my Terminal length, i used to think that my hair stopped growing when it got to shoulder length. Through reading the book science of black hair i have finaly understood what Terminal length is and i´m more than happy to share this information with you. Terminal length is the longest any strand of hair of hair on your head would get if it were allowed to grow without any interruption i.e if it never broke, got cut e.t.c This is determined by how long a person´s growth phase is and this is genetically predetermined.
Most people have a growth phase of between 4-7 years after which the hair will naturally shed. Just imagine a person with a growth phase of 4 years and a growth rate of half an inch a month, this means that this person should have 6 inches a year and in four years this would be 24 inches!!!! if it were never cut or if it never broke off. That´s a lot of hair!!!. After this time the hair strand will shed. This means that terminal length is not determined by what length a persons hair has reached but depends on how much time has gone by. we can conclude that every strand of your hair is replaced every 4-7 years, but of course not at the same time. Most of us including myself have never reached Our true terminal lengths due to many reasons that have caused breakage to hair throughout our lives.

Starting a healthy hair journey is good opportunity to discover our hair´s true potential. The whole purpose of a healthy hair journey is to keep the hair hat has already grown out of our heads as healthy and as well protected as possible and by so doing great hair health and even length can be achieved. If you are already on a healthy hair journey and are facing a length plateau maybe you should take a good look at your regimen and if you are not on a healthy hair journey i recommend you come join us. i promise your hair will thank you for it :-)

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