This week's wash day!

May 23, 2012

It is Mandatory that you follow up your henna Treatment with a thorough moisturizing Deep Conditioning treatment as Henna can be very Drying.
It is also advisable to only use Pure Body art Quality  Henna as some of the Chemicals added in for 'colour' are actually damaging to hair.I used a pure Sudanese brand of Henna bought from Super Cosmetics Nairobi.
I did not want much colouring from  the henna so I did not add any acidic substances like vinegar neither did I leave it to stand over night. I mixed it and applied on Freshly washed hair immediately.This allows for Henna to Condition hair without releasing much dye.My hair  does have red tints under Sunlight though!

For information about all the wonderful Benefits of Henna Click here!
Happy hair Growing ladies!

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  1. has Hennaing your hair improved it in any way?