Is your comb doing more harm than good to your hair?

May 07, 2012

After joining the Gahl no more Split ends challenge i decided to search my whole head for split ends and splitting ends and i was just shocked at how many spilt ends & splitting ends i had! (split ends are the ends that have already split and broken off and splitting ends are those you can actualy see peeling.)

Since i am on a healthy hair journey and i religiously follow all rules i feel are important. I never would have imagined that my hair would have so many splitting ends, and to make matters worse they were not only normal split ends but some were even branched like a tree and not only at the ends of the hair but also along the hairshaft.

This got me wondering, if i was doing everything right why was i getting splits along my hair shaft? It then hit me that i had read from one of my favorite books that combs with seams literally shred the hair strands causing tearing and splitting. I took a look at all the combs i had and they all had seams!

Seams usualy run along the centers of most combs, the comb looks like two halves which have been joined together. The reason for this is because these combs are machine made. On further research i learnt that some people file down their seamed combs to make them seamless and more hair friendly, but one has to be careful with this method because if the filing is not done to perfection this might cause even more damage to the hair strands. the better option is to invest in a seamless comb. These combs tend to be pricy since they are handmade but are worth every penny. Well made african wood combs are also great and i think they are very easy to find in Africa and are not too expensive. Check out your combs today and find out if they are good for your hair i am definitely going comb shopping soon.

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