A do it yourself sock donut bun by request.

April 20, 2012

i Have gotten lots of requests on how i achieve this bun and i decided to do a video tutorial on it just to show you ladies how to do it. It´s actually quite simple and everything needed to make the bun is always readily available. This is a good alternative protective style to spice up your regular bun.

you will simply need:

  • some clean old socks, pick the socks according to your hair colour.
  • a clean  old pantyhose aka stockings in kenya. if you find one with a silky texture the better.
  • two hair holders.
  • optional: a larger hair holder to secure the hair. especially on shorter hair.
  • also optional : bobby pins to keep the hair tucked in.
For more detailed instructions on how to achieve this look, please watch this video.

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  1. Wow!! I have always wondered how this effect is achieved. Thanks so much.

  2. wow it turned out really good thank you for the tutorial i´m making mine tomorrow this is really easy but really elegant too.

  3. that is awesome,thks so much!!

  4. Thank you ladies i´m glad you liked it :-)

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    Wow, I think your hair voyage is awesome. You have been through a lot with your hair. Your locks actions are very motivating and I have taken some guidelines and can not delay to try them with my own hair. Thanks and keep up the great with your hair.

  6. Thank you! is the Human hair extension site yours?

  7. This bun style saved my life;) I love it!

    1. glad you tried it out! share some pics ;-)