I Let go of my Cutting Shears far too long!I have to pay the Price!!!!!

April 03, 2012

Hey Everyone...
As some of you might already know, I am currently 1 week post relaxer.I self relaxed for the first time and the results were awesome.Not over or under processed.I was however quite worried when I took my hair down after a wrap and I felt as though my hair was just too thin.This was definitely 1. as a result of a fresh relaxer (which causes thin strands for a few days after) and 2. as a results of VERY THIN ENDS! for my liking
So after a few days my hair did return to its normal relaxed thickness but the ends were still a concern.On a Sunday afternoon, I took my hair down and decided to investigate the ends really close...the outcome was even more demoralizing....
1. My hair is FULL of splitting ends (i have lately been worried about hairs all over my house but never thought breakage from these tiny devils was the issue)
2. I have quite a good number of very very thin hair strands which even had a strange red tint under then sun.sigh!These, I believe are as a result of split ends that are already broken.with some i could actually see where the split end broke at...
3. My ends appear matted or tangled when i wear my hair down (this is often as a result of the poor ends that sort of bind themselves onto stronger strands!
What is the next step for me?
Well,It is obvious that i forgot all about dusting and trimming for health and length too.I haven't had my trimming scissors since November last year so I haven't dusted since last September.That is almost 7 months!!!!STUPID right?If only I knew, that was the first thing I would have bought when I landed in KENYA....I got one yesterday
I have to be bold and fix the problem before it it gets even more horrific!
I plan to go through my entire head and get rid of most if not all the split and Splitting ends the whole of this week using the 'search and destroy' technique.I will finish by giving my hair a highy needed TRIM at the end of the week.I will then stick to religiously DUSTING my ends atleast every other six weeks..Ive learnt the hard way 'prevention is better than cure'
I would have done this in silence but I do not want anyone to get a set back like i have because of what can so easily be avoided.I need some moral too *wink*....I need you lovely ladies to join me in the searching and destroying and Dusting or even Trimming if needed...
Please join in the 'GAHL NO MORE SPLIT ENDS FORTNIGHT' group/challenge starting wednesday 4th of April till the 18th.This will make you realize just how needed the search and destroy method is....Please like the group and sign up for the challenge by posting the words 'I am in' on the comment wall of the Challenge.It would be awesome if you report back your findings after or during the challenge and even post before and after pics....

Healthy hair journeys ladies

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  1. This is fantastic, i've always wondered if my product has the right ingredients...and now i know. Thank you.

    1. glad it was helpful to you :-)