Preparing for weaves, Braids & cornrows

March 16, 2012

I am currently reading the science of black hair and i must say the book is very informative. I´ll be sharing everything i feel important with your ladies and here is the first blog in this series.

Your hair should be in very good shape before putting on braids, weaves or any other kind of extensions, always make sure that your hair does not have any issues such as breakage or thinning e.t.c when you get your hair done.(simply because once it´s done you will not have the opportunity to access your hair and treat it) and these issues left un attended to will still be there when your undo your weave or braids.

What to do before getting your hair braided.
  1. Shampoo and deep condition your hair.
  2. make sure your hair is properly detangled with a wide toothed comb.
  3. Be sure to moisturise and seal your hair with oil.
  4. If you have natural hair or if you have some new growth make sure to blow the roots out with a blow drier on a cool setting. make sure that you have no tangles to avoid breakage since some braiders comb our precious hair roughly with a small toothed comb and to make matters worse they comb from root to tip!( i´ve experienced this first hand :-() this can cause major breakage if your hair is tangled.
  5. while at the braiders always be involved, don´t be afarid to speak up if you feel that the braider is doing something wrong or you don´t like. for example speak up if you feel that the braids are being done too tight.
  6. support the beginning of each braid initially by placing an index finger at the start of the row or braid this will keep your delicate edges from being pulled you anchor your braid with your finger introduce a counterforce towards your forehead(in the braiders opposite direction)This will reduce braiding tension along the hairline.
  7. When getting braids make sure that the hair being portioned is proportional too the size of braid. Never allow the braider to put a large braid on a very small portion of hair, this will be too heavy for your hair and cause breakage.

Now that your braids/ weave have been installed you can know if they have been done too tight if:
  1. small red or white bumps form along partings, hairline & edges.
  2. an extra-shiny look to partings and exposed areas of your scalp.
  3. white-tipped hairs sticking up from your braid where it starts at the hairline.
  4. excessively dry, flaking skin along parts, particularly at the frontal hairline.

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  1. i´ll definitely be trying this out the next time i get my hair braided. these are some good tips. thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Tina, Your hair will love you for it!HHJ

  3. Hey thanx for the info!i can see u got twists in the pic it true that twists make ur hair kinda loc & what was ur experience with them?also did u dc ur hair in braids?TIA!

    1. i think twists kind of cause locking, here is my latest view on twists