My healthy hair journey with it´s ups and downs

June 30, 2012

A few months ago i straightened my hair and to my surprise i had lost a good ammount of hair at the back of my head, honestly i was mad about it for a while and then it hit me that even though i had suffered this setback my hair had really come a long way and i should be proud of that. i realised that a hair journey is really a journey, sometimes we get to our destination on time, sometimes there´s too much traffic and it takes longer to get there and sometimes we take the wrong turn, but all in all it is possible to get to our destination. All we need is a lot of patience and consistency.
Here is a summary of my hair journey to help you understand better where i am coming from.

So after a failed hair journey (I retained no length for about 5months due to protein overload which led to dry, brittle, breaking hair) this was in august 2009. So i officially started another one in feb 2010

The progress was amazing, my hair was not only thicker but it had gotten a lot longer. 2011 was no different i noticed a increase in length with every relaxer. my ends looked great and i loved how the back looked.

And then 2012! i decided to stop relaxing my hair bone straight, this is called texlaxing unfortunately i didn´t do enough research on how to transition to texlaxing and this was a big mistake. As a result my hair was breaking off where the relaxed hair and texlaxed hair were meeting, unfortunately i realised what was happening too late! the damage was already done. I think it is so annoying how hair takes such a long time to grow but it takes only a few days to damage. so here is what it looked like in April.
The problem area is very visible :-(

Here is what i´m doing till my hair gets back on track, i will make sure that my hair is moisturised at all times especially the back to keep it from breaking even more and i am trimming my hair every four weeks until the middle catches up with the rest of the hair, so this means i will keep my hair at this length until the problem has been solved, this is my new goal.

 I hope this encourages you too not to give up on your hair even when you face a setback. And one last thing if your regimen is successful and you finaly reach your goal don´t stop doing the things you did to get you where you are. For example if you feel moisturising and sealing daily helped you reach your goal, don´t stop doing it even after reaching your goal, otherwise you might learn the hard way.

Thanks for reading 

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  1. its encouraging for d way when did u start growing ur hair i mean frm Ear L?.I LOVE YOUR HAIR:

    1. Hi sarah thank you  i started growing out my hair at shoulder length. It had been shoulder length for Years. The last Time i Big chopped my hair was in 1999 and it grew back to sl in about 2 Years and it got Stuck at that length until i started my healthy hair Journey.

  2. What is texlaxing?

  3. Thanx Jo for this post!I have been dealing with breaking hair and I was SO discouraged,I almost gave up!But I did some research & realized that my hair needed super moisture so I mixed my dc & went to the salon for steaming & my hair has immediately stopped breaking!
    So thanx for the inspiration & reminding me that we all face setbacks even in life but we have to press on & not give up!merry christmas & HHJ!Thanx for being such an awesome teacher & coach!xo

    1. I am so happy that it worked for you, with every little setback we learn something new about our hair and that is a good thing. i hope you meet all your hair and life goals in 2013.

  4. what products did you use and what methods to applying these products did you use?