Wash day at 8 weeks post relaxer

June 08, 2012

I am currently 8 weeks post and  i would like to share with you how i deal with my hair at this stage. This week i decided to roller set my hair instead of air drying like i usualy do.

I started off  by parting my hair into four parts and pre pooing each part with pumpkin seed oil for the first time. it´s the only oil i had not used on my hair and i just felt like giving it a try. it was ok apart from the nut like smell it has. After pre pooing i shampooed my hair with the organic root stimulator uplifting shampoo which is a Clarifying shampoo.

I proceeded to deep condition my hair in parts sat under the drier for 10 minutes. This made detangling under the shower so easy and i lost very little hair :-).
 I´m not a fan of roller setting because it takes so much time but i love how my hair feels soft and bouncy after a roller set. i applied my moisturiser, oil and heat protector prior to roller setting & sat under the drier for 40 minutes.

Since i wanted my hair straight the next day wrapping was the best solution. i loved the results because even my new growth turned out very soft. i definitely will put roller setting more often into consideration.

I´m sure you can see the consequences of the setback i suffered a few weeks ago, my ends don´t look as good as i would like them to. but i´m working on that. i plan on keeping my hair at this length until i achieve the thickness i am aiming for. This means that i will be trimming my hair off until i´m happy with the thickness.

Thanks for reading!


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