Protective styles i use to retain length.

June 26, 2012

I love protective styles because they keep the ends of my hair tucked in.
I have been asked many times how i manage to protect my hair and retain length without braiding or weaving my hair. well my strategy is very simple i bun my hair alot. Buns, when not done too tight can help to keep the ends safe and will help with length retention.
You are probably wondering why i choose buns over braids or weave, well i am one of those people who can´t keep one style in for a long time and other than that i always want to have access to my hair at all times. washing & deep conditioning braids and wevaes is a bit tiresome for me so i just have fun with my buns.
I am currently in the maximum length retention challenge on Gahl and one of the rules of the challenge is to keep my hair in protective styles 90% of the time.
Here are a few styles i have tried out since the challenge started. by the way if you would like to join us in the challenge you are most welcome.

Cute bun

Faux bun

Ponytail bun

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