Thursday, 20 October 2011

ORS Replenishing conditioner

I just remembered that i have to do a protein treatment this week and thought why not blog about it a little bit. the organic root stimulator replenishing conditioner is my absolute favourite protein treatment. Although it is a protein it does not leave the hair hard after rinsing out and it smells great. i try to do protein treatments every two weeks. depending on how much damage you have, you might want to do it every week until the damage has been repaired. however damage to the ends can only be cured by cutting of the damaged ends. Protein makes your hair stronger and therefore keeps it healthy. i always mix my protein DC with my moisture DC to maintain the moisture protein balance. The ORS replenishing conditioner comes in different packages i have used them all and love them all but i think the large bottle is much more economical.


  1. Hello! I have a question. 1) So if I use a protein DC combined or followed with a moisturizing DC, would I still need to also follow with a "regular" conditioner as well? Or would just doing a protein DC and moisturizing DC would be good enough? 2) Also if I was to just do a Protein DC followed by using a non-deep conditioner (a regular conditioner) would my hair be "hard"? Should I follow the protein DC with a deep conditioner moisturizer always instead of using just a basic "regular" conditioner? 3) Is the the Olive Oil replenishing conditioner treatment a "mild" treatment and can it be used weekly as a protein treatment? Thanks in advance for your reply!!

  2. The ors replenishing is a mild Protein treatment and can Be used weekly. You can definitely follow up the Protein Treatment with a regular conditioner if you want to. As Long As it leaves your hair moisturised.

  3. Thanks for your response. My hair is relaxed and I am having a hard time trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that I really like. I have used Mizani hair care products in the past, Kera Care, and the latest being Design Essentials for relaxed and natural hair, which I discontinued use, because after shampooing and conditioning my hair, my hair was just coming out in small clumps. I seen on this site where there is ingredients listed to shop for the best conditioners. Do you have any recommendations on the best ingredients I should be looking for when shopping for shampoos? Or should I be shopping by hair type?Out of all the products I have used so far Kera Care is the best but it's still not all that great....but until I find something better I guess it will do. Do you also have any recommendations on other good shampoos and conditioners that I can check into using that would be good for relaxed hair? I'm still researching my hair type but I think that my hair type is 3c-4a. Thanks for your time.

  4. hey i wnat to my hair shor i say hate short i lkie long hair pretty


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