choosing your hair products.

October 12, 2011

I once went to a hair supply store with a friend and our aim was to find some coconut oil. We did find a product written very boldly COCONUT OIL and we decided to check the ingredients list and i must say the information was shocking! it had all sorts of ingredients but we couldn´t find coconut oil anywhere on that list. the last thing i remember reading about was fragrance and then it hit me that the product had coconut oil fragrance in it. Note: fragrances are nothing like the real thing. they are made in a laboratory and have absolutely no benefits compared to the real deal.

I remember while i was still in high school i used a shampoo which didn´t have a name it was just called shampoo! and the conditioner i used was called conditioner! thinking back now only God knows what i was putting in my hair because there was no description or ingredients list whatsoever. thank God that i know better today.
so why am i sharing these stories?

This was a big lesson for me and it might just help you too. i learnt that not all products are what they claim to be. so be sure to check what is in your product and don´t get products without an ingredients list because you don´t know what is in them. Your hair will thank you for it.


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