Grape seed Oil for hair

October 13, 2011

So I have wanted to flat Iron my new growth and rock a straight look for a while now.My only problem was I had a very limited budget and all the Heat Protectors were way out of my league.Being in a Healthy Hair Journey I wouldn't sacrifice the progress I've made to a voluntary heat damage!!So i was just trying to find alternatives of the product that I could find at a cheaper price.That's how I ended up finding  lots of Information about the amazing Grape seed Oil.
The most amazing bit is that It is all natural,eco-friendly and way cheaper than any other good heat protector in the Market.It has a very high heat tolerance of upto 420°F/215°C..Most Flat Irons/hair straighteners have a maximum heat capacity of 210 °C.So what does this mean?
It means that if you apply grape seed oil in your hair before using direct heat , not unless the heat is higher than 425 degrees your hair is so protected.t
The oil can withstand upto 420°F before reaching its boiling point.For Instance, if you were to use water, or an oil with a boiling point of 100°C yet the heat source is more than 100°Cs (which is often the case) then you are literally frying your tresses...
I am going to use the oil tonight to pre-poo/hot oil treatment as the oil is light and quickly absorbed into the hair strands, heating grapeseed oil and applying it to the scalp and hair ends greatly helps to make hair shiny, reducing brittleness, and in this case it will help protect my hair from shampoo harshness!I might mix it in my Deep Conditioners too..stay connected to see my experience and personal verdict about this highly praised oil!

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  1. LOVE it!!! tell me how it goes....

  2. will do hun..yea..awesome to see you here....don't forget to follow!love u!

  3. how do i make the Grape seeds oil?

  4. @ are likely to find it in your local supermarket in the oils Isle...hope this helps

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