Lustrasilk Mango shea Butter

October 14, 2011

When i first started my hair journey i didn´t know which moisturising deep conditioner was best for my hair, so i started trying out as many as i could. but i kept in mind to get only those with healthy ingredients for my hair. after a long period of trials and errors i finaly found the perfect moisturising deep conditioner for my hair. the Lustrasilk mango shea butter cholesterol. i fell in love with this product the first time i used it. Although i add my oils and other things i love to it when i deep conidition my hair, it works just as well on it´s own.
 it contains shea butter which is a great moisturiser, vitamin E, wheat germ oil & soybean oil which are light proteins aloe vera which is also a great moisturiser, mango and many more. apart from all these wonderful components this stuff leaves my hair very soft and it smells great too!

word of advice to you, try out new products to find out what works best for you. what works great for one person may not work as great for another person.

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  1. Hey:)Where can I get this in Nairobi dear,