Motions CPR protein reconstructor review

October 07, 2011

So I bought this product just for a change from my usual ORS replenishing conditioner.I used it for the first time today and my very first review is that it is awesome!!!..I have to try it a couple more times but I do love how my hair feels.I did not use any other products in my hair so I would be able to give a precise review of this Deep Conditioner...

1.I detangled my hair using a wide tooth shower comb immediately after I came from Deep conditioning under my hooded dryer & I experienced zero to no breakage.I proceeded to rinse off the DC and again I saw very few strands of shedded hairs but no breakage.

2.I air dried my hair after rinsing.I Only applied little whipped unrefined Shea butter after the wash and my hair feels super - soft yet so strong.

3.I combed my hair after it was dry & Again very little if any breakage..
Verdict:I will definitely be repurchasing this product mainly to alternate with the other named above.

It's not really a bad thing but since this product is mainly meant for salon use there are NO instructions for using it without a drier...I used my hooded bonnet & people without it might feel a bit let down.However, it is a light protein(judging by how my hair feels)and I'm guessing leaving it in your hair under a plastic cap or even covering over with a warm towel should do just's however advisable to always deep condition with heat!!

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  1. I dont know about this product- when i use it immediately after rinsing out my conditioner ,when my hair is still damp it leaves my hair hardish or should i say not soft. Is that because its not for air drying?

    1. It is suppose to leave your hair hard with strength, you suppose to deep condition your hair after using it to put moisture back in your hair.