My 2011 Regimen

February 08, 2012

 This was my 2011 Regimen that took me from Neck Length to Arm pit length in a year.Wish you success in finding a routine that wil work for you!HHJ ya'll.

Daily Routine
1.Moisturize my hair with Either Africa´s best kids organics shea butter moisturising hair lotion or my new favourite Organics Olive oil Moisturizing Growth lotion
2. I then seal the moisturizer with Pure coconut oil.I always Moisturize and seal my hair in medium size sections.

I always do this at night so I just finger comb my hair hold it up and tie my satin scarf over it before bed.
Weekly Routine
1. I normally mix my Cholesterol Tea tree Oil Moisturizing Conditioner with my ORS replenishing protein Conditioner together with a tablespoon of whatever oil i get my hands on.I the apply the mixture to damp hair, wrap my hair with a cling foil/shower cap, cover with a cloth and Go to bed.
2. The morning after I wash off the conditioners and then use a cheapie conditioner (often V05)to finish off with lovely smelling hair.
3.I blot my hair of the excess water with a microfibre towel, spray in my Luster's PCJ wet-n-ez detangling spray/leave-in conditioner and then put my hair in two braids to air dry.( I always air dry)
4.Once my hair is about 90-100% dry i repeat my daily routine as indicated above!

Bi-weekly routine
1. I shampoo my hair on 2nd and last thursdays of the month with a sulphate free baby shampoo from local store.Before the shampooing I always pre-poo with a hot-oil treatment (a mixture of any oils especially olive oil) the night before.
2. After washing I just dry as described above.I normally do not Moisturize and seal on this day because I would be sleeping with my conditioners treatment through the night as described in the weekly routine.
3.After washing off the conditioner I then follow through with my after conditioning steps as described in the weekly routine.
Monthly Routine
1. I  Clarify My hair with V05 luminous shine shampoo for damaged hair!I always prepoo as described above before this shampoo too.
2. After the wash I repeat step 1,2,3 & 4 in the weekly routine.
This has worked for me so far

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