For mummies and their little princesses , doing her her can be fun.

February 27, 2012

When i was younger getting my hair done was not a good experience. honestly it was much better to have cornrows stay in forever than have them undone and have to go through the torture of COMBING. and if i didn´t behave i always got warnings of my hair being shaved off! LOL
i´m sure some of you might have gone through the same thing and are doing exactly the same with your little princesses. it doesn´t have to be like that. Doing your daughters hair can be fun for both of you and here´s how:

  • If your child is under one please don´t too aggressive on their sensitive scalps just be sure to keep her hair clean and less manipulation. i suggest using a moisturiser and a light oil to keep the hair from drying out.
  • for older kids ,over 3 years , suggest washing their hair once a week. you might want to learn to do some cute simple hairstyles so that you always do her hair at home. this way you will be sure that your child´s hair is not done too tight. if someone else is doing her hair make sure to be there and supervise.
wash day: you will need:
  •  shampoo
  • a good conditioner,
  • a wide toothed comb,
  • moisturiser, 
  • coconut/ olive oil
  • and some plastic clips
1. let your child sit down and you can even let her watch her favourite dvd so she won´t disturb you. then seperate the hair gently into four parts preferably with your hands. clip three parts up and work with one part at a time.

2. divide this part into three smaller parts clip up two and work with the last one. apply a generous amount of moisturiser to that part and work it in gently and in a downward motion to prevent tangling. take your comb and pass it through. repeat the same with the other parts till one quarter is done, then just braid the whole part and proceed to the other parts.
after braiding all four parts let the moisturiser sit for a few minutes and proceed to washing.

3. let her sit down or stand but be sure to wash the hair in a downward motion. add a little shampoo to each braid and work each part one at a time. so put shampoo on all parts rinse and add conditioner to all parts. then do a final rinse.(You can rebraid a section as you go on, clip or twist just to avoid tangling and having to section her hair again)

      after wash:
4. don´t rub the hair (whilst still in braids/twists) with a towel just cover it up (not to tightly) enough to absorb excess water and let her stay with it for a few minutes then remove.rubbing causes tangling = breakage and damage. unbraid/ untwist each section while spraying a moisturiser on the hair.
after this you can either let the hair air dry or blow dry on medium heat or cool air.

5. let her get a protective style that will last a week or two and make sure to wash and condition again on removal. Cornrows/Lines/milazo or even twists are a perfect protective style for kids. the protective style should NOT be too tight.

  • Never use vaseline or other petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin containing products on your daughters hair. they only clog their hair strands and don´t benefit it in any way. always read the ingredients on your products. if a product does not have an ingredients list think twice before getting it.
  • You should get a spray bottle to mix your child's moisturiser and oil and spray her protective cornrows or twists everyday!
  • always comb the hair from ends to roots.if the comb gets stuck try detangling with your fingers first then proceed with the wide toothed comb. rat tail combs have no business on your daughters natural hair.
  • doing hair takes patience and time so consider doing it for yourself and your daughter only if you have time. make it a mother-daughter bonding moment where you both get to get your hair done, it will be much easier if it´s a routine.
  • once in a while you can give your daughter a pre shampoo treatment. this means that in the evening before her wash day you will apply coconut oil to her hair and let her go to bed like that and proceed to washing the next day, however be sure to cover up her head properly or else you will certainly need new bed sheets.
  • if your daughter has hair that is shoulder length or longer make sure she wears the right clothes when she wears her hair  down. cotton clothes are not hair friendly. look for silkier fabrics that won´t damage her hair. which reminds me, always have a head covered up for bed or get her bed sheets made of a softer fabric.(not cotton) preferably silk and satin.

your daughter will have lovely healthy hair in no time.

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