Black tea rinses and shedding.

February 10, 2012

For a couple of weeks now my hair has been shedding a lot more than usual and i have no idea why. so i have decided to go back to doing black tea rinses more often.

Black tea contains caffein which has been proven to stimulate hair growth and prolong the growth phases i´m not really sure which phase is prolonged but all in all the hair does not shed as fast as it could have without the black tea rinses.
coffee can also be used but black tea contains more caffein than coffee and i feel that the smell of coffee is just too strong to be put on hair.

Here are the steps i will be taking for the next weeks until i get this shedding  under control. Boil water and put in a few tea bags. i usualy put in three. Then let it cool down then i proceed with the following:

  1. Shampoo hair and rinse off the shampoo with water
  2. Rinse hair with the black tea.
  3. Let the tea sit on for a few minutes then proceed to deep condition as usual
  4. Rinse off the deep conditioner after the recommended time. if need be condition your hair once again with your cheap conditioner and rinse out.
  5. Towel dry the hair a bit.
  6. Add your leave ins and let the hair air dry or style as desired.

NOTE:  From experience ;-)
It is better to use the black tea at the beginning rather than at the end of your wash because it leaves the hair super hard.  conditioning makes the hair smooth and soft again.

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  1. thanks joanne.i knew nothing about black tea rinsing

  2. anytime Anonymous i hope it works for you too.

  3. Lemmie ask is this tea with sugar or without.and is there any special kind of tea

  4. It´s black tea without sugar :-)

  5. Hi JOan...can I use black team on relaxed hair??

  6. yes you can use black to rinses on relaxed hair.

  7. How many times a month do you do a black tea rinse?

    1. I have not Done a Black tea rinse in a while because the shedding went back to normal. But incase of too much shedding i usualy do the tea rinses On every wash. So that would make it Four Times a Week since i wash my hair every Week.