For our readers in Germany ( good affordable conditioner)

February 24, 2012

Finding the right products in a foreign country can sometimes be a challenge, many wonder if they have to use products made especially for african hair. I used to be like that too until i realised that most of the ingredients that are in the so called " african products" are the same as those in the so called "european products". But the african hair products cost three times as much because they are all imported.

Today i will be blogging  about this moisturising conditioner that i totaly love "Balea feuchtigkeitsspülung" from DM

I have been using this product for years now and it has never let me down. It is great for conditioner washes. or for those days when you don´t want to do a lot with your hair. so just shampoo and the condition with this and it leaves the hair soft and maneageable and very moisturised. Especially in those hot summer months where you could literaly wash your hair daily after swimming or just to cool off.

The ingredients are also great. no silicones or mineral oils and the best part is that it is completely affordable. DM has a wide range of conditioners but i have only tried this one because my hair needs a lot of moisture. there are others specialy for coloured hair e.t.c.

Always buy products according to what your hair needs. But with moisturising conditioners you can never go wrong because african hair is naturally prone to dryness. that´s why we need to keep moisturising and oiling.

However this conditioner should not replace your regular deep conditioner/ treatment especially if your hair is chemically treated ( relaxed or coloured) deep conditioning is still important to rebuild the damaged structure of the hair.

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  1. Thanks for sharing i always thought i couldn´t use european hair products!! i´ll try this out. how much does it go for?

  2. i hope it works for you too, it goes for 0,75€ only.

  3. thats quite affordable....will give it also a try

  4. i will try this product i usualy buy herbal essence brand..

    could u please advice me on nice DEEP moisturizing conditioner?

  5. Hello, I live in Netherland. Still trying to get a good product. The last i used was Dark and Lovely ultra cholesterol conditioning mask, i saw my hair tangling in knots and pulling off. When I comb a lot comes off that am afraid to comb. What is your advise?