Preparing for my relaxer (step 1 & 2)

November 28, 2011

Today is Monday, the 28th of Nov 2011.I am currently 4months 1week and  2days post last relaxer.(about 17+ weeks).
I have so much new growth and I am so looking foward to this relaxer.I am taking necessary measures to make sure that the process will be a success and despite using a chemical on my NG, my processed hair must remain strong and healthy!
The count down from today is about 6days to the relaxer.Looking to relax on Saturday.What I have done to my hair is the STEP 1 of preparing for my relaxer!

This is an important step before relaxing so as to strip of the hair of any Products that have built up during the previous week.Hair should be very clean and product free to maximize the relaxing process.I did not have a 'clarifying shampoo' in the house so I just use my Motions Neutralizing shampoo- my hair does feel squeaky clean!You could do it differently and use other shampoos such as ORS Creamy aloe but I would think any sulphate bsaed poo should be able to strip your hair.I will only apply products to the length of my hair and not my NG in the remaining days whilst I wait for my relaxer.If you desire an underprocessed result you could keep up with your normal regimen but I prefer properly processed hair.This step should be done at around 5days before your relaxer.

Its been years since I used an actual EGG  for a protein treatment and that's what I feel like today.Its after the clarifying wash this morning and the egg treatment, I am gonna do it over night to save on time.I will mix my oils namely; castor oil,teatree oil,sweet almond and any other natural oil I can get my hands on into my 1 or 2 egg mixture(depending on size).The oils will counteract the drying effects of the egg protein to the length of my hair.
The purpose of a protein treatment at this stage (which could be any brand of your choice such as ORS MAYO) is to fortify your strands as you go into the relaxing process because the relaxer manipulates protein bonds in your hair strands.
PS; Depending on the 'protein needs'  of your hair, you would choose amongst, Heavy, medium and light protein treatments to use for this process

After step 1 and 2, I'll try to keep my hands off my scalp, not to scratch an itch etc..this will help minimize chances of relaxer burning!

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