How i care for my hair during winter.

November 03, 2011

my regimen in winter and in summer is pretty much the same but my hair seems to dry out faster in winter than in the summer months. So what i do is step up my moisturising and i laso try to incorporate as many humectants to my regimen as possible.( A humectant is a substance that draws water from the environment to your hair) these include Honey which i add to my deep conditioners and glycerin which i add to my leave in, deep conditioner and even my shampoo. however i find that using too much glycerin my cause the hair to become mushy or sticky so finding the right amount for one´s hair is also very important.

protective styles in winter.
In winter i prefer only protective styles that really hide my ends e.g buns. apart from that i always wear a cap/ hat when outdoors this protects my hair from the cold.
Other good protective styles for winter include braids, weaves, scarves e.t.c

Tip: if you hair feels extra dry and you don´t feel like washing or it is not your washday you can use the baggy method. just moisturise your hair with a water based moisturiser then cover your hair with a plastic bag. leave this on a for some time until your hair feels moist. then just seal in that moisture with a light oil of choice.

Drink lots of water!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing i was wondering what to do with my hair.

    1. you are most welcome. i´m glad i could help.

  2. you are welcome. i´m glad i could be of help to you.