Tea tree oil cholesterol( africa´s best)

November 06, 2011

This week i ran out of my lustra silk mango shea butter cholesterol and i decided to get the tea tree organics cholesterol. i used it to deep condition my hair today and i must say my hair loves this stuff too. i didn´t deep condition with heat but i put on a plastic bag and a winter hat on top of  it. I let it sit like that for about an hour and then i went on to rinse off the conditioner. due to the heat from my head and the hat + plastic bag it became so hot( honestly just like with the drier only takes longer). detangling was so easy!!! i do this under the shower. my hair turned out very soft and i really can´t complain. This is one of my best moisturising deep conditioners.

The product manufacturers also state that this conditioner can be used as a leave in too.

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  1. how often do you deep condition your hair?

  2. hi Imani i deep condition my hair once a week.