Eat your way to healthy hair.

November 10, 2011

What  your hair looks like when it comes out of your scalp may either be geneticaly predetermined or just a matter of nutrition. some people geneticaly have fine hair but this does not mean that their hair is not healthy. one way to tell if your hair is healthy is to check what it looks like immediately after it has been washed and dried without the use of any heat appliances e.g blow drier. you will notice some sheen in healthy hair whereas unhealthy hair will just look dull. Adding heat to your hair may be deceiving since it makes the hair look shinier and healtheir than it really is. you can do your hair and your whole body a huge favour by just eating right. Remember that your hair is not a vital organ( vital organs include the heart, liver, kidneys, skin e.t.c) so your body will will first supply nutrients to all other vital organs before it gets to your hair and nails. Your hair and nails literally get only the left overs so you have to eat enough to have some left overs for your hair.
your hair needs the following nutrients in order to flourish.
  1. Proteins. your hair is made up a lot of proteins so eating more proteins will help your hair grow stronger and healthier.
  2. Water. I know drinking water is a big task for most people i am one of them but i´m trying my best to drink enough water. This does not only keep your hair healthy but it also cuts the risk of getting kidney stones, helps with digestion, blood circulation, moisturises your skin and makes it glow e.t.c the benefits of driniking water are endless. drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily will ensure you get all these benefits.
  3. Vitamins A, B; E & biotin. these vitamins are important for healthy hair growth, they can also be supplemented if you don´t get enough of them through the foods you eat. however supplement vitamins shouldn´t replace a healthy diet.
here´s a list of great healthy hair foods.

Beans are rich in iron, proteins, Zinc and biotin.

Fish are rich in fatty acids, proteins vitamin B 12 .

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin B12 and biotin( great for healthy hair, nails and skin).

Nuts contain fatty acids, zinc and selenium which are very important for a healthy scalp.
Eating foods rich in fatty acids will keep you from getting dry scalp because it locks in moisture in the skin.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach & sukuma wiki contains lots of iron and vitamins.

Note: When a consistent healthy diet is practised a change in hair condition can be observed after three months.

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  1. great info,especially drinking water part,it prevents alot of bad from happening to our bodies

  2. Oh yes Water is very important for the whole body :-)