Preparing for my relaxer (step 3 & 4)

December 05, 2011

I am so sorry guys it was a busy weekend and I am actually already 3 days post!I relaxed my hair on Friday 2nd Dec at almost 18 weeks post.I used ORS NO-lye relaxer in Normal strength.I had been thinking about doing it at home but because of the length and quantity of the new Growth I did go to a salon...I love my results and my new length.I instructed the hair dresser to wash off the relaxer quite early because i didn't want bone-straight lifeless looking hair....she adhered and I am pleased...below are Steps 3 and 4 that I did before my relaxer.
Following my previous post of steps 1 & 2

Protect those ends  
On the same days of my relaxer, just before I went to the salon, I generously applied Vaseline to the length of my hair (the already relaxed hair).Any good oil such as castor oil or even a thick conditioner could do the job!
I avoided greasing my New growth so as to have good relaxer results.The aim of this step is to avoid re-relaxing the already processed  length during relaxer rinse off.(the run down of the chemical would be all over you already processed hair and if there is no coating over it, it would mean relaxing the strands again!!
I think this is best done at home in case your saloonist decides your are being way over the top!

just after my relaxer was rinsed off......
I instructed the lady to protein - condition my hair even before Neutralizing.The reason for this was to' reinstall' protein into the hair shafts whilst my cuticles were still open from the relaxing process.After this is when she neutralized any remaining relaxer from my hair.She neutralized numerous times and kept it in quite long before the final rinse....

I only used a blow drier to dry my hair after the relaxer as I am striving to avoid the Flat Iron!
Pics coming soonest!

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  1. i can´t wait for those pictures :-) when do we get to see them?

  2. i already put them up. check them out.