God and me Monday; Fear and dreams.

January 27, 2015

I once heard someone say that what you focus on you make room for and what you fear you empower. If we focus on our fears whatever they may be then all our attention goes into that fear and we make room for that fear to have an impact on our lives. Instead of making room for fear make room for God and He will miraculously see you through.
It is time to finaly go get that degree you have always wanted, write that book you have always wanted to write, start up that business you have always had in mind because with God all things are possible.

God bless you so much!

Thanks for reading

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  1. God bless yo!!!! Thank you so much for the message, its the Holy Spirit speaking to me through you.
    I pray that God will continue to use you in a mighty way. And I trust God for my dreams to came to pass.
    God bless you Joanne

    1. Wow that is awesome! you are blessed and God will fulfill all He has promised for you because he is faithful!