How i am dealing with my hair journey setback!

September 07, 2012

Anyone who is on a hair journey dreads getting a setback but sometimes they just happen. In April of this year i too got to experience a major steback. The funny thing is that it happened in such a short period of time and by the time i noticed that something was going very wrong, i had already lost a lot of hair. i had a huge gap at the back of my head and this was just a blow to my face, how could that be happening when in my opinion i was doing everything right? i was washing and deep conditioning my hair religiously every single week. I had to find out what i was doing wrong because any kind of breakage meant that something was wrong somewhere.

 Left: Hair in April 2012                                                  Right: Hair in August 2012
(Gap very clearly visible.)                                                   (Gap filling up yay!)

It then hit me that i had started texlaxing and that meant that i had three different textures to deal with, i realised that my hair had been breaking at exactly the point where the relaxed hair and the texlaxed hair were meeting. This point is commonly known as the line of demarcation. After doing some reasearch on how to transition to natural without doing the big chop i came to the conclusion that my hair need more moisture so i i started co washing my hair in the middle of the week and this really helped. So since i have been making sure that my hair is well moisturised.

Since i experienced this first hand and wouldn´t like anyone else to go through the same thing, i would advise anyone who wants to do any kind of transition, to do some research on it before starting. and also remember that a hair journey is really a journey. Sometimes there is traffic and red lights and it takes us a bit longer to reach our destination but we will get there. So don´t give up on your healthy hair journey.

My hair is not yet where i want it so i will still keep trimming until it fills up completely, however i am very happy that the gap keeps getting smaller and smaller. My goal is to have it completely gone by Feb 2013, so wish me luck.

Have you ever suffered a setback? If yes how did you deal with it?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey I'm an African young lady from london and I love your blog. I decided to go natural in April 2013 after watching a disturbing show on Tyra Banks show about how black american women feel about their hair. I knew I could grow my hair and wanted to prove to myself and other girls that it can be done. At the noment I have a serious gap in the exact same place as yours. I'm co washing twice a week deep Con once a week but I need 2 get my protien in. Wish me luck and I'll update you