Texlax update @ 18 weeks post relaxer

August 21, 2012

I decided to texlax my hair at 18 weeks post relaxer. I have been texlaxing for almost a year now and i must say the difference it makes is just amazing. I have lots of texture left in my hair and the texlaxed parts of my hair are very thick compared to my relaxed hair and i love that.

I use the soft and beautiful texture softenner to texlax my hair and this is the same relaxer i used this time too, this relaxer does not burn at all but if left in for longer than advised it will leave the hair relaxed as opposed to texlaxed. I always used to think it could not get the hair bone straight but it can!! the back of my hair ended up getting straight and i am not too happy about that. next time i will have to be more careful.
Despite the fact that the back of my hair ended up kind of straight i still loved the overall outcome. the rest of my hair still maintained a lot of texture as can be seen on the picture below which i took after blow drying on cool air.
Blow dried hair on cool air ( left) right flat ironed hair.

I ended up flat ironing my hair after three months of not using heat on my hair.
Thanks to the great tips from the lovely ladies on the Gahl community ,  i was finally able to flat iron my hair without getting it worn down by too much product and it turned out awesome. I wore

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  1. your hair is so inspirational.go afro hair wish to get there some day.

  2. Your hair is simply gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by.