How to access our website using your mobile phone.

August 13, 2012

                                                                          Step 1.
Type in this link or click on this link
you should then see the sign in or sign up page where you can also sign up using your facebook details.
Step 2.
 After signing in you will land on the activity page.

Step 3.
On the top right you should be able to see an options button. click on it and you will be able to choose which section you would like to browse.

For example if you wanted to see the pictures you would click on photos above and then you would see the page below.
If you are more comfortable with a desktop view then just click Desktop view and the page should look exactly like it does on a computer.

To go back to the mobile view scroll to the bottom of the page and click on switch to the mobile optimized view .

I hope this makes it easier for you to access our healthy hair website.

Thanks for reading
Jo & Eva

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