The Kenyan bun! how to bun successfully..

September 30, 2012

I am not sure about your country but this is the most popular bun in kenya, that´s why i will call it the kenyan bun. This bun looks really cute and is very easy to do because all one needs is a hair tie/ hair band.

Bunning is a great protective style but it can also cause damage if not done correctly. Here are a few tips which have helped me retain length using buns. I hope they help you too.
  1. Do not bun your hair too tight as this will cause breakage.
  2. Vary the position of your bun to avoid creating tension on one area only.
  3. Moisturise and seal your hair especially your ends beofore bunning.
  4. Opt for satin, silk or polyester hair bands as these do not suck out moisture from your hair.
  5. Opt for scrunchies with no metal parts on them.
  6. manipulate your hair as little as possible by combing only once or twice a week. finger combing your hair and using a scarf on your edges will do the trick.
  7. clips and bobby pins with rounded tips are also a safer way to hold your bun.
If you remove your hair band and it is full of hair, you might either be bunning your hair too tight or the hair band is simply sucking out moisture from your hair and causing breakage. You might want to consider trying a safer hair tie.

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