No Excuses! Grow your hair healthy!

June 26, 2015

You might be wondering why I chose to name this challenge No Excuses! I am growing my hair healthy. Well I did this with a very good reason. Many African women I have had a chance to talk to always have a list of reasons why they cannot grow their hair healthy. The most common reason I get is this "You know you have that good hair mine is the steel wool  type" Steel wool here is the term used for 4C hair in Kenya/ Africa. We give up before we even try.

I started my hair journey in February 2010 with relaxed hair. My hair had always been shoulder length for as long as I can remember. I actually thought that shoulder length was the longest my hair could ever grow! After starting to take better care of my hair I noticed that it became healthier, thicker and longer. Did my genes suddenly change? NO! they were still the same but my hair care practices changed and this is what made the difference. If I had not changed the way I was doing things I probably would still have dry, damaged shoulder length hair.
I believe that all hair is beautiful! whether it has defined curls or coils or whether the curls are non-existent. There are so many women who have managed to grow their healthy and long regardless of their hair type and so can you if you get rid of those negative thoughts in your mind. God created all hair beautiful embrace yours just as it is and work towards making it reach it´s full potential. You will never know what your hair is capable of if you don´t sincerely give it a try
This challenge is geared to help you learn the basics of hair care regardless of whether your hair is relaxed or natural. learning the right techniques will ensure that you get the healthy hair that you have always wanted. To join please Click Here and be a part of this great movement.

Stay blessed!
Gahl Team

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  1. Hi,

    Did u lose hair after relaxing your hair.


    1. Hi Wizmo
      No I did not lose hair after relaxing. If relaxers are done properly by following the instructions that come with the relaxer kit. Then the hair actually stays quite presentable and healthy.