God and Me Monday: Lord where are you?

June 09, 2015

Lord where are You? There are just those times in life where we ask ourselves where God is because situations seem too unbearable for us.
I am talking about those moments when everything you have worked hard for just falls apart and you don't know what to do and where to start. Those moments when you have lost a loved one and your heart is broken and full of pain. Those moments when you check your bank account balance and there is nothing in there to pay your bills. Those moments when you fail an important exam that was actually supposed to determine your future. 
Those moments when the person you had planned to spend the rest of your life with suddenly decides you were not meant for each other and you have to nurse your broken heart. 
Those moments  when you just want to give up because you feel worthless and nobody cares. 
Those moments when you are depressed and you feel that life is just not worth living and no one seems to understand.

So where is God when all these things happen? The truth is that He is right there with you and He understands. 

He says in His word that when you draw near to Him He will draw near to you. And our God is so full of love and mercy and His will is not to see us suffer. But we have to let Him take the front seat in our lives and accept His grace. Seek Him with your whole heart and you will find Him.
Lord here I am now, I want to know your heart therefore I give my life to you and I ask you to take the wheel of my life. Lord re establish your original plan and purpose for my life in Jesus Name I pray AMEN!

Scripture Reference 
James 4:8
Jer 29: 11-13

Stay blessed

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  1. This is beautiful Jo and thank you very much for sharing.

    1. You are most welcome dear :) God bless you!