My first flat twist out & Gahl length retention challenge ends.

December 02, 2014

I finally undid my braids at 5 weeks post installation. I had missed my hair so much. I thank God that there was no damage done to my hair and my hairline is still intact.
A week after undoing the braids I decided to give flat twists out a chance. So I went on you tube and Watched lots of videos on how to get a perfect twist out. I had tried them before but they just never looked like the ones I saw in the videos.  This time round I did things a little different. First of all I did the flat twists on freshly washed and conditioned hair. Then I detangled each section very well after applying a little cantu Shea butter leave in and coconut oil, these two products made detangling very easy for me.
I even improved on my flat twisting skills yay! I really love how this one came out and I cannot wait to perfect it.
The Gahl length retention challenge has also come to an end and I will be sharing my progress on my next blog post. I am really excited to find out how much length I retained in three months.
My selfies still have a long way to go(*wink*)

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