First perm rod set @ 11 weeks post texlax.

April 16, 2013

                                   My first perm rod set. totaly loved the soft and bouncy curls.    

I recently got myself perm rods and couldn´t wait to try them out. To keep my hair from getting caught in the rods I also got myself some end paper.

Before applying the perm rods, I made sure to moisturize (with my homemade leave in) and seal my hair with coconut oil. Afterwards I divided the hair into four sections and proceeded to work with one section at a time. I made small parts combed them out with a fine toothed comb and then proceeded to twist each section before applying the perm rods. This was supposed to add more texture to the hair. 
Since I don´t know what it looks like without the twists I don´t really know if there was any significant texture added. I did not want to sleep with the rods on my head so I ended up sitting under my hair drier for 30 minutes. 
                                                             Perm rods of different sizes.

After they were dry I took down the rods and applied a little serum throughout my hair to avoid too much frizz. I continued to unravel the twists first and continued to separate the hair until I got my desired look. I must say the results were just amazing and I loved that the curls were about neck length so I didn´t have trouble with hair rubbing on my clothes. The only disadvantage to me was that it took me almost two hours to apply the rods to my hair, maybe I will increase the size of the sections the next time I do a perm rod set or I will simply leave out the twisting part. 

This hairstyle is especially great for stretchers or those transitioning to natural, because it does blend in all the textures together.
Do you have any experience with perm rods?

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  1. Wow I love the results of your perm rod set. i will have to try this out soon! I've never done one before. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Andrea, make sure to share your results When you do your Rod Set, i am sure it will come out Great!

  2. Amazing.......i'd love to try out perm rods too sometime soon!!