Hair update: Week 8 Gahl length retention challenge 2013

March 31, 2013

Hey there, I have not  blogged in quite a while, even though I have been meaning to do so for quite some time now. But i am here now and with an update of what has been has been going on with my hair lately. I am still on the Gahl length retention challenge even though i do break a few rules here and there sometimes.

If you read my latest “texlax” update, you already know that i did not apply any relaxer to my edges and to the back part of my hair because I felt that the curls there did not need any loosening up. I only applied the relaxer to my crown and left it in for less than 10 minutes. This left my hair with a lot of texture which i am absolutely loving. My crown is currently 9 weeks post relaxer while my edges and back of the head are 34 weeks post relaxer. 
                                                           New growth at 8 weeks post relaxer

Dealing with three different textures (I have relaxed ends, “Texlaxed” hair and the new growth), can be very challenging and i personally feel that the best way to work with these textures is to avoid straight hair styles, especially those that require direct heat such as blow drying and flat ironing, as it is much easier to get your hair into curly styles as opposed to keeping it straight all the time. Curly styles such as braid outs, Bantu knots out, rod sets and even roller sets are great ways to blend in different textures together and still have your hair looking fabulous.
                                                               Bantu Knot out.

Lately i have been trying out Bantu knots out and i totally love them. They blend in all the textures so well and i do get lots of compliments when i do them too ;). I have been styling up my buns too. Since my “texlaxed” hair has a lot of texture, i decided to try out those gorgeous buns i see ladies with natural hair do on their hair and to my surprise it did come out great! With bone straight relaxed hair it would have been almost impossible to get the look. 

                                               Bun, absolutely natural hairstyles inspired ;)

Do you have any more ideas on ways to blend in different hair textures? it would be great to hear from you :)

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