How to Remove Braids easily and without breakage! natural hair.

April 07, 2016

This post is long overdue since I actually have had my braids undone for about three weeks now. Thank you so much for your patience. Please click on the video to watch how I undo my braids.
After unravelling the braids I rocked a wash and go for a week and then I decided to go back to stretching my hair so as to avoid knots and tangles.
wash and go on natural type 4 hair

Undoing braids correctly is a very important step if you are trying to grow your hair out because this is when the most damage occurs. In my latest YouTube video I share with you how I undo mine without causing unnecessary breakage.

Bun on stretched natural hair
Stretching my hair brought to my attention that I had actually suffered breakage from the braids. I am not exactly sure what caused the breakage but I can bet on two things. The first one is that the stylist detangled and blow dried my hair with a lot of heat, I probably lost a lot of hair during the blow drying and detangling session than I noticed. 

The second thing that might have caused the breakage is the fact that braid extensions are too heavy for the hair. I literally weighed myself before taking down the braids and after and there was a difference of about 700g. That is a lot of weight on the hair strands and since the braids were in for 7 weeks it might have caused some breakage too. 

I am not going to be braiding my hair anytime soon because my aim is to retain as much length as possible. My protecttive style of choice will be buns and two strand twists. 

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