Month one Gahl length retention challenge

September 06, 2014

It has been a little over a month and the Gahl length retention challenge is on!!! I know I have not shared much about the challenge so far, but I promise that this post will inform you about everything I have been doing with my hair during the first month of the challenge.

My hair products
My hair care routine is very simple right now. I wash my hair once a week with plain water and condition it using the Herbal essences hello hydration conditioner. I know that this conditioner contains silicones but it works for my hair. After washing I apply a mixture of water, olive oil and a little herbal essences as my leave in conditioner. I do not recommend using a rinse out conditioner such as the herbal essences as a leave in but until I find a leave in that really works for my hair, I will keep on using it. after applying the leave in conditioner I part my hair according to how I want to style it for the week and then I let it air dry. Very simple don´t you agree?
texture shot, wet natural hair
texture shot wet natural hair.
My hair has got three different textures which I am really trying hard to understand because they all behave different. The back of my hair and the edges have very loose curls, the middle has corkscrew spirals which look amazing but shrink like nobody´s business ( during my long-term transition to natural I thought that the middle had really tight curls but that is actually not the case) I will try to take better pictures so you can understand what I mean. The front of my head definitely has looser curls with little definition when compared to the rest of my hair. I am still very amazed that one head of hair can have many different textures African hair is just amazing!
The pictures above show the texture of my hair right after washing and before applying any product to my hair.

pony puff: I wore this hairstyle for almost two weeks

As for styling, I recently started making my hair lie down using gel, a soft hair brush and a scarf. This trio never backfires on me. I thank God for this discovery. Normally after air drying my hair, I try as much as possible not to touch my hair. This way my curls stay defined until my next wash (I just spray a little of my leave in conditioner nightly). The only thing I deal with every night are the edges which I moisten, apply some gel and then slick down with my hands and brush. The rest of the magic is done by the scarf.
This method has made protective styling quite easy for me because it helps mould my hair and keep it in place. and it looks good too!
Protective styling: slick edges thanks to enliven Gel.

Protective styling: slick edges thanks to enliven Gel.

My tools of trade. soft brush, Enliven hair gel  and wide toothed comb
I hardly ever comb my hair these days, I literally detangle my hair about twice a month. Most of the time I just use my fingers and conditioner to detangle my hair and so far it is working very well. I choose not to detangle using the comb too often just to give my hair a break from too much manipulation. Low manipulation keeps the hair from breaking off unnecessarily.

 The challenge is still on click HERE to join

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  1. Well dear I have used straight neem oil to my hairs to prevent my hair loss and dandruff in my hairs. No doubt my dandruff problem got a solution but my hair fall did not stopped. Then on recommendation of doctor I tried herbal hair oil. I am sure it will work, as I have took help of an experienced doctor now to cure this hair loss problem.