Gahl length retention challenge 1st August -1 December 2013

August 02, 2014

Hi everyone,
The Gahl length retention challenge has officialy started. You are still welcome to join us :) to join please click here

I am really excited about this challenge because it is the first one I am taking part in fully natural. I got a friend to take pictures of my hair and was totaly amazed at the shrinkage my hair undergoes, without being stretched it looks neck length.

Just to clear the air, The back of my hair is a little longer than the rest of the hair because I stopped relaxing it six months before deciding to transition, In short, the rest of my hair will be 2 years post relaxer in January 2015 while the back of my hair will be 2 and a half years post relaxer.

All in all I am quite happy with the length I am now but I am working towards keeping my hair as healthy as possible and gaining as much length as possible. My goal is to have my hair at Bra strap length by January 2015. This challenge is a good start to get me there.

Do you have any personal hair goals?

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