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January 09, 2014

I have come to the realisation that even though I have been sharing alot about healthy hair care many of you ladies are still having a hard time getting their hair to the state they want it to be. Because of this I have decided to offer one on one Hair consultations for women who strive for longer and healthier hair and have no idea where to begin. 
Most of us (me included) do not have the luxury of sitting back and our hair just grows. We need to take cautious steps to help it along if we want to grow it. Fortunately proper understanding and maintenance can help overcome breakage cycles and achieve healthier hair.
You are you hair's greatest asset, no one can care for the quality and health of your hair like you do. here is your opportunity to grow healthy hair between those salon visits.

The services I will offer include:

1. Hair health assesment.

2. Regimen building (hair care routine) according to individual's hairtype and lifestyle.

3. How to care for your hair while in braids and weaves for length retention.

4. How to overcome stagnant hair growth.

5. How to grow back a receding hairline and keep it that way.

6. Caring for relaxed hair ( how to relax hair correctly).

7. Caring for natural hair.

8. Caring for coloured hair.

9. Product recommendation.

10. Product provision on request.

11. Dealing with dandruff and other scalp issues.

12. What to look for in a hairstylist.

13. How to transition from relaxed to natural hair with or without chopping off the relaxed hair.

14. Kid's haircare

If you are interested and you live in Nairobi or Mombasa please send me an email to make an appointment and for price details.


Thanks for reading

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