My long term transition update and challenges.

October 13, 2013

The bottom half of my hair and edges are currently 62 weeks post relaxer while my crown is 37 weeks post relaxer. I have a lot of new growth and have been facing some challenges with my transitioning hair. It was breaking a lot and had crazy tangles which were just driving me crazy. 

61 weeks of new growth at the back

I knew I had to change something in my hair care routine but just did not know what. After looking online for sometime I decided to try out something new. I sectioned my hair into six parts and de tangled these with my fingers and then proceeded to apply the herbal essences hello hydration conditioner mixed with a little olive oil on each section. I then covered my head with plastic bag and let the conditioner sit on for at least 1Hour. The results were just amazing!
The conditioner really did a great job de tangling and softening my hair. For the first time in weeks there was very little hair breakage and combing was just a breeze. I did not shampoo my hair after that but it still felt moisturised, clean and easy to manage. After rinsing the conditioner out I just put my hair in twelve braids and then I rock a braid out or a braid out bun for the rest of the week. To blend in the relaxed ends with the new growth I curl the ends with perm rods. It has been about four weeks since I started the new routine and I am glad that I tried it out. I will be shampooing my hair only once a month with a sulphate shampoo from now on.
Top: braids, curled at the bottom with perm rods.  Bottom: Braid out and major shrinkage

Gahl Tip: Feel free to try out something new if whatever you have been doing to your hair is not working like you would like it to. sometimes just a small change will make a whole lot of difference.

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  1. i like ur transitioning and fotos too.

  2. Your hair looks great. My hair tangles badly which is one reason I feel I am unable to stretch for longer periods, let alone transition. I am considering texlax though so I'll be looking to you for transitioning tips.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

  3. Your Natural texture is so pretty. Glad you found a product that works for your detangling sessions!

  4. Wow, these landscapes are true marvels. I hope I get the cahnce to see them up close some day.
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  5. wow such beautiful hair. great inspiration am just 2 months transitioning.
    pls visit my blog where i share some interesting things i have been learning on a healthy hair journey.