Evelyn´s fresh start hair update!

July 19, 2013

Hello Dear readers,
So it's been a while since I re-started my healthy hair journey.
I haven't posted any update to date but to be honest it has been quite a challenge dealing with such short hair.
The mega trim that I had last time left my hair so short that even holding all my hair into a ponytail needs bobby pins support.

I've been washing weekly and I've realized that the moisturising Deep Conditioner is really minimizing breakage and so I haven't used my protein Deep Conditioner for a while.
My new growth and the texlaxed hair form such a dense base that has to be treated differently from how I normally treat my straight relaxed hair.

I have been spraying a water/aloevera juice mixture on these two textures and moisturizing my relaxed strands with my moisturizing lotion and sealing with coconut oil...
I'm currently about 9 weeks since my last relaxer and I got braids installed last week.
I'm not as gentle with  handling my new growth as Joanne is with hers so braids come in handy at times.
Protective style: medium braids

I plan to keep them in for 4 weeks,wash them fortnightly,oil my scalp with castor oil and spritz water/glycerin/aloejuice mixture if need be.
Till next time.
God bless

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  1. Hey!
    I came across this blog about a month ago. You sisters have inspired me to get my long hair back. I used to have long hair but someone cut it off when cutting the braids and to make it worse we move to Mozambique. Its very hot, dry and dusty. My hair has been damaged a lot. the town I live in doesn't have many organic products or sulfur free products and if they have they are so expensive. Any way I am now more than two month without relaxing my hair. I braided then an-braided my hair two weeks ago. My back hair is shorter than the front and the back hair is not relaxed. Thanks for all the posted suggestions on how to grow hair healthy. I have been following most and my hair feels different and falls out less.

    Obrigada (Thanks) :)

    1. Hi Edda,
      I hope you will be able to find products that will work for you in Mozambique. we will definitely be looking foward to hearing more about your hair progress. All the best in your healthy hair journey :)

  2. Good luck with the journey, it will be well worth it!!

  3. Good luck with your hair journey. I look forward to more posts and great reveals. :-)

  4. Thank you very much,I will try to keep you posted :)

  5. Hi Evelyn, glad to see your progress! Which moisturizing conditioner are you using and how often do you moisturize your braids? I have braids at the moment and spritz every other day but my hair at the front seems so dry...

  6. Hey Elsie, I've been using the Lorys brand of moisturizing DCs especially when i don't feel like chucking cash to get my staple tea tree DC by Africa's Best.
    I moisturize my braids once every two days to avoid too much build up.
    You might need to spritz the front more times like even mornings and afternoons.do make sure tht your spray has a good mix of moisturizing ingredients too.Glycerine is great because it's a humectant!hope this helps

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