Inspiration corner with Patricia Mulinge of beautifulafricanwoman blog.

June 05, 2013

It has been long since we had an inspiration feature! ladies meet Patricia Mulinge.

I am Patricia Mulinge, a 21 year old at the Kenya school of flying. I hold a private flying license and currently studying for my commercial license which i am almost done with. I plan to also get a degree in communication at Daystar University which i will be joining in August of this year. I am a newbie blogger beautiful african woman inspired by Gahl.

one year length check!

Are you relaxed or Natural?
I have been transitioning to natural since Sepetember last year when I had my last relaxer. Wasn't too happy about it so I decided Natural is healthier and better for me. However, two weeks ago I decided to put dreadlocks and so I big chopped too. I am currently natural and loving it!

What is your hair type? Describe your curl pattern
My hair is a 4a/b

What was your starting length and what is your current one?   And   what inspired you to start a HHJ and when was it?
I started my HHJ on February 15th 2012. Inspired by Gahl and my desperate need for healthy hair. I started at neck length and progressed to grazing armpit length right before I  locked and big chopped.

How easy was getting into a regimen, knowing the right products etc? what´s your regimen?
Well I didn't have a hard time getting into a regimen. I read about different products before I got into my own regimen. All I wanted was to keep it simple and affordable. I used Organics kids moisturizer, coconut oil for sealing, motions protein reconstructor and for my deep conditioning treatment I used pretty much any DC treatment.

Is this ‘regimen thing’ complicated?
Not really. Just find what works best for you and keep it simple. 

How soon into your HHJ did you start seeing results?
About three weeks into my HHJ, my hair started to look thicker and moisturized and it had a nice shine to it.

hair journey progress.

Do you think what you achieved would be possible without learning the Proper techniques necessary to grow African hair long?
Absolutely not. My hair was weak and damaged and that was the precise reason that I searched the internet for answers. African hair needs special care and attention specific for it. I have learnt and continue to learn a great deal during my HHJ.
Do you believe anyone who adapts the correct techniques can grow fabulous hair or is there such a thing as bad hair?
I definitely think so. I have seen so many inspirational pictures and read so many HHJ stories of women who had damaged hair and just by following the right hair care routines. Good hair is healthy hair and it is achievable.
How many people have been inspired by the length you have gained and decided to start a HHJ?
So many of my friends and random people. I find myself talking a lot about hair these days. So yeah....many people and I am glad.
What is the most heart-felt advice you would give to other African ladies thinking about but not so sure about starting a HHJ?
Well, be willing to invest  time for a HHJ. Do your own research as well, be patient and consistent. African ladies have beautiful hair I believe. We should take pride in our kinks and curls and uniquely textured hair. No hair type is better than another. Its how well you take care of your hair that determines its health or even length. We should set our own standards as African women and we should all start our HHJ!!

What would you advice a Newbie NOT to do?
hmmmm do not compare your progress to that of others. We are all different.

So are you hoping to grow your hair to ankle length? what are your short term and long term goals?
Even before I decided to lock my hair, My long term goal was waist length. Still is. Short term goal is for my dreadlocks to lock and grow to shoulder length. Soon, I hope because now There is little hair manipulation :-

Thanks to Patricia for sharing her hair journey with us Gahl wishes you all the best with your hair and with school as well. find Patricia on facebook :)


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  1. This is so inspiring. Wishing you all the best on the new hair journey.