Hair update: Mini twists at 19 weeks post relaxer!

January 01, 2013

At 19 weeks post relaxer I decided to change up my hairstyle, I went for mini twists they were lovely but there are two things I didn´t like. 

The first one was that my hair looked very flat with no volume whatsoever, I wasn´t used to that because I always have enough volume with my hair open. 

The second thing which I did not like was the fact that anytime I unraveled a twist to tighten it up it was always so tangled that I ended up losing some hair, it looked as though the hair was locked together. This scared me and I thought it would even get worse if I washed my hair in the twists. 

So I unraveled the mini twists and just as I had suspected my hair was a tangled mess but I am glad I unraveled them when I did. I ended up wearing a twist out for a day and I thought it looked better that way. 

Unfortunately I did end up losing a lot of hair on wash day. From now on I will not be trying any more new hairstyles. I am sticking to my buns which are always very easy to do but also protect my hair very well. This just reminds us not to fix what isn´t broken, if you have a hair regimen that works for you, don´t change it because it might lead to a setback.

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